The Sick of Trash campaign has been helping to make our surroundings cleaner, and so that more beautiful, for five years already!

We want to have the possibility to walk in clean forests, mountains or beaches, so even though these are very small steps, we try and contribute wherever we can. We have decided not to wait for a miracle that will free the world from rubbish and we started to be curious about possible ways we can act.

We take a clean nature and surroundings for granted, so the rubbish that we find there drives us always crazy. This is why we want to draw attention to the problem that has something to do with each of us. No matter if it is a load of rubbish at the parking place, an illegal dump in the forest or just few plastic bottles thrown away in the skate park, that is exactly what are we fighting against by our Sick of Trash campaign.

Join the Sick of Trash campaign and let´s do something good for the sake of our environment together!

What can I do?



Ještě jednou všem velké díky za podporu! V rámci letošního ročníku Sick of Trash se sešla pěkná řádka projektů, kterými jste ukázali, že vám osud našeho životního prostředí není lhostejný. Každý ze zaslaných příběhů je sice jedinečný, všechny ale spojuje obrovské odhodlání a pořádný kus odvedené práce. Děkujeme!! Tohle ale rozhodně není konec ;) buďme #sickoftrash po celý rok! ----- Once again, big thanks to everyone for your support! In this year's Sick of Trash campaign, there met a fair number of projects by which you have proved that you're not indifferent to the fate of our environment. Each of the sent stories is unique, but all of them are united by a huge determination and a good chunk of work. Thank you!! But this is not the end ;) let's be #sickoftrash all year round!