On a cold night in January, 1961 a US Air National Guard Twin Jet Scorpion Interceptor exploded mid-air and crashed in Southern BC, Canada during a training flight. The pilot survived, the co-pilot and the jet did not.  A DC 3 airplane picked up a weak distress signal and reported the incident. A RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) rescue helicopter was deployed from Pentiction, BC.  Due to bad weather and rescuers having to travel through 5 feet of snow it took the them 24 hours to get the captain of the aircraft to hospital.  The crash was shrouded in secrecy by the US air force.  Remnants of the aircraft still sit in the mountains of Southern BC.  Years later, logging crews putting a road into the area would find the helmet of the pilot, the ejection seat and a lot  of debris.

Cohen and Oliver went out on June 16th, 2013 to pick up some of the trash, and plant trees in its place.