Kralupy nad Vltavou

today in the morning, we proudly put on Horsefeathers T-shirs and went to clean a bank of Vltava river in Kralupy nad Vltavou. Along the whole bank there is an awesome path for walking and cycling, it is also a favourite place of local fishermen, people are used to going there to feed the swans and there is also a number of big stones perfect for sitting and chilling. Such a beautiful part of nature in the city! Unfortunately, some people would need at least one waste bin every meter along their way and they simply cannot take their leavings with them. This is the reason why the place started to be filled up with ugly litters. We were shocked by this so we have decided to do something! :D
The biggest bizarrenesses we have found were a keyboard, duvet and a few metres of linoleum. The rest of the trash was mainly formed by cigarettes boxes, cans, plastic bottles and wrappers from all sorts of food. We filled in three big bags with the trash and we left with a good feeling.
Thank you for the Sick of Trash project!
Káťa, Zuzka and Štěpán